About Me

I help people who want to achieve important and ambitious career goals.


Since I have comprehensive experience as a recruiter, HR specialist, coach and career advisor, I can skilfully support professionals in a wide variety of circumstances. No situation is too complex for me.

I can prepare amazing application documents for you.

I am a Cross Cultural Kid, born to Polish parents but receiving my education in England where I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design. During my studies, I focused on graphic design, marketing and PR.


That's why I can achieve the 'wow effect' with the CVs I create for my clients.

If you are going through a professional deadlock, I will help you overcome it.

After I graduated a wave of economic crisis swept throughout the UK, which made finding a job incredibly difficult. Despite being bilingual and having a few years of professional experience, it was a real struggle to land my first job.


I have a first-hand understanding of challenging job market conditions, and I can give my clients the necessary support, advice and motivation to move forward.

If you feel you are not growing, I know how to change it.

After I secured my first corporate job, even though I had great sales results and was the top of my team, there were no career advancement opportunities. I decided to take action and redevelop myself. I completed my Career Guidance degree and became a recruiter within a start-up IT company.


After a while, I decided that what I enjoy most is helping people find the perfect role for them, and I have been working as a career coach ever since.

I have experience in working with specialists across multiple countries and industries.


From IT through marketing, sales, medicine and law to education. I had a chance to support the career development of specialists across multiple different roles.


During my career, I collaborated with experts based in Europe, US, Asia and Australia. Because of that, I am familiar with the challenges of various global job markets, but I specialise in the UK, Australian and Polish markets.


My diplomas and certificates.