How long does it take?

Writing the first CV draft usually takes 3 - 5 working days from the moment that I receive all the necessary information.

If you have an eye on a job ad that is about to expire and want to keep this timeline shorter, you have an option to order your CV as express service with a first draft sent to you within 48 hours.

If during our initial consultation I ask you to send additional details, this time counts from the moment I receive all the information that I need to complete your documents.

If you order a package with multiple documents, I always write the CV first. I want to make sure that I get it just right before starting to work on a letter or a profile (which may take an additional 1 - 2 days).

I always try to inform and keep you updated on the estimated document completion time, and I often manage to complete the work before the deadline. This is hovewer not a guarantee. If I am in the middle of a particularly busy period and the waiting times are longer, I will let you know during my first call.

Coaching dates and times are set individually.

How does the whole CV writing process look like?

After you place the order, I will contact you by phone or email.

Of course, I will need your employment history to write a good CV, so I'll ask you to send me your previous CV during our initial consultation. Do not worry if you do not have one - I am prepared for that, and I can send you a questionnaire to fill in.

I will also ask you a few questions about your future career plans. If you have any job ads that you find interesting, let me know.

At this point, I will ask you to choose a CV template for your new documents. I created an extensive CV template gallery from scratch and there is plenty to choose from.

After receiving all the information, I will start writing. It usually takes me a few days to create, edit and proof-read documents. I will send the first draft CV in .docx and .pdf format as soon as I finish. If you want to make any changes or revisions to documents, I am happy to help.

Can I suggest changes after you send me the first draft?

Yes, each CV / cover letter / LinkedIn profile order includes 3 series of revisions.

If you want to make any changes to the document I have sent you - email me. Send the document with your alterations and comments. Clearly mark the changes in red, add your suggestions and I will take care of everything for you.

I can call you to discuss, but I will still request that you sent the document with comments to me, regardless of the phonecall. I do not apply changes to the documents over the phone, because it is extremely easy to make mistakes this way.

If you need more than 3 series of revisions, please contact me.

3 revisions included in the price of the order do not last forever and will be forfeited: after 2 weeks of no contact from you or after you accept the order.

If you need any changes to a CV that I have made for you in the past, please contact me.

Does your CV writing and coaching service work?

It's subjective when I say that they do, but the number of satisfied clients shows that my CVs and coaching helped many people change and advance their careers. I have a lot of happy customers for whom my services and support made a real difference.

I strive to create documents that are modern, well-written, and adjusted to the market requirements and ATS systems.

However, even the best CV will not work if it is not utilised correctly. For example, I am not able to guarantee that you will get an interview after responding to only a few job ads.  Or that after using a CV that I tailored to sales-specific roles you decide to to apply to job ads calling for an accountant.

No CV will give you a 100% success rate. Career search is not a short process and it requires a lot of effort. If you always match your CV to the type of position you're after, your chances of landing a great role increase dramatically.

In which formats will I receive my new documents?

I prepare and send all documents in .docx and .pdf formats.

Remember that when applying, it is best to send a .pdf file, unless the employer requests a different format in the job advert explicitly.

Can I edit my documents?

I write all of the documents in Microsoft Word (2016 or 2019 version), and if you have this software, you can edit .docx files.

Since I create the files in Word, I am only able to guarantee document compatibility with this program, not with other applications (for example, Mac or open-source software).

What if I'm not happy with my CV?

Each CV is custom-made to your specifications. Also, each order includes 3 series of revisions. I'll be happy to help you with any changes you want to make.

If you think this is not the right solution for you, please contact me.

I don't know what service to choose. Can you help me?

I am happy to help! Write to me or call me, and I will help you choose the best service just for you. Not every situation is the same, so I'll advise you the best I can.

What about GDPR?

I follow GDPR recommendations, and I take your personal data very seriously. Read my Terms & Privacy Policy here.

Since my website is hosted by Wix, you can read their Privacy Policy here.

I also use Google Analytics. You can read their Terms of Service here and their Privacy Policy here.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Can you prepare a CV for various international markets?

Of course! I am aware of various requirements that are put before candidates seeking employment in other countries.

I have extensive experience in preparing documents for the global markets: German, Swiss, Polish, Australian and many more!

Safety & Security

In exceptional cases, your order may be closed, and your money returned.

I do not take this kind of decision lightly, but I do not tolerate any cases of abuse or harassment. I reserve the right to cancel orders of clients contacting me or answering phone calls under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do you have any more questions? Contact me! I am happy to help.

Have questions? Not sure which option is the right one for you?

If you want to find out if my coaching or CV writing services are right for you, we can arrange a free 15-minute introductory consultation. We can talk about your career situation, current needs and the best options available to you.

Contact me now and schedule a chat with me without any obligation.

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