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CV writing. Interview & career coaching.

For specialists who need a bold change.

I help people who want to reach their professional dreams, who experience a career crisis and those who would like to change their role or workplace. So that you can enjoy work-life balance and realise your full career potential, regardless of your age, industry or position.



CVs, cover letters & LinkedIn profiles


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Years of international experience


Developers, Architects & Team Leaders

IT Professionals & Freelancers


Multiple Industries & Levels

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Digital, PR, Social Media & E-Commerce

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Various Schools & Backgrounds

Students & Graduates

...and specialists from many other industries, including HR, Fashion, Telecommunications, Pharma, Law, Medicine, Finance, Supply Chain and others. I have also written Police force / Military conversion CVs for civilian roles.

I coach and write CVs for:

Individual approach across all career services

Tailored to your situation and career stage

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Career Coaching & Guidance

You are in a career crisis or you need support in designing your future career path to go to the next level.

Something is missing in your professional life. You can't find yourself in this new job market. You lack the confidence and tools to demonstrate your full potential to your employer. You work below your qualifications. You are tired of a toxic work environment.

Regardless of the reasons you feel lost in your workplace, it is never too late for a positive professional change. Don't worry, I can help.

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CV, LinkedIn & Cover Letter Writing

You want to change jobs and need application documents that tick all the boxes for your future employer.

If you are considering changing jobs, you probably already know that the biggest challenge is to get noticed among hundreds of different applicants. You need application documents that meet the needs of recruiters, employers and ATS systems — well researched, with keywords that will get you noticed.

I can write a CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profiel tailored both to you and your future job.

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One-to-One Interview Coaching

You want to get comfortable with the challenges of a job interview and maximise your chances with hiring managers.

Perhaps you haven't been to a job interview for a few years now or you don't feel confident that you can handle the questions that recruiters may fire.

You are an expert at what you do, but you are worried that your dream job may slip away without proper job interview preparation. I can walk you through the best practices, answers to tricky questions and help you overcome common interview pitfalls.

Graduate CV


  • Fresh graduate / early career: Max. 2 years of experience

  • 1 page CV

  • 30 minute phone consultation

  • New, attractive, ATS compliant CV format

  • In-depth keyword research

  • 2 rounds of revisions

Professional CV


  • Established professional / manager: Several years of experience 

  • 1 or 2 page CV: Depending on experience and industry

  • 45 minute Skype / Zoom consultation: Career change and job search advice

  • New, attractive, ATS compliant CV format

  • In-depth role-specific keyword research

  • 3 rounds of revisions

Executive CV


  • Industry leader: Strong management / leadership experience

  • 1 & 2 page CV as standard: To acomodate needs of various businesses and headhunters

  • 1 hour Skype / Zoom consultation: Career advancement, development, and job search advice

  • New, attractive, ATS compliant CV format

  • In-depth, industry-focused keyword research

  • 4 rounds of revisions

CV Writing

About me

There are at least four reasons to work with me to develop your career.

I have a unique skill set and professional experience that allows me to look at your situation in a comprehensive way.

As a Recruiter, I have a unique talent for matching roles and candidates. I know how to prepare you for an interview to maximise your chances.

As an HR Professional, I can understand the companies you apply to and identify the most critical parts of the job ad to help you reach for your dream job with more confidence.

As a Career Advisor, I can give you a deep insight into your career path and help you find your unique strengths in the competitive labour market.

As a Career Coach I can expertly guide you through the process of a career change into a position that suits your aspirations, talents and needs.


The most common mistake my clients make... that they can't see themselves in a broader context.

I have clients who think what they do is obvious. They believe it is natural that they lead large teams, manage thousand-pound budgets, implement new solutions that will take the market by storm.

Everyday life comprises of achievements, big and small. Practically everyone thinks of their accomplishments as 'normal'. My task is to capture your strengths and competencies, see them in a full, unbiased way.

If you:
- Don't know how to sell yourself
- Want to change roles or careers
- Experience burnout or other career difficulties
- Are not up to date with the job market

I can help you.

Opinions & Reviews

What my clients say about me

Thank you so much. That's great. I would give myself a job after looking at this CV. It feels so professional now.

Irmina W.

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