Job interview coaching that will improve your chances to succeed at the most critical part of the hiring process.


This 2 hour Skype coaching session includes:


  • Before the call: Job ad /CV / LinkedIn / cover letter review to help me understand your situation to the fullest 
  • 2-hour intensive interview coaching session and job interview simulation with hand-picked questions addressing your interview needs
  • Suggestions and recommendations on how to present your strengths and achievements during your interview, so that they make a real impact. This will be delivered throughout the session.
  • After the call: 2-week email support to keep you motivated and answer any questions that you may have. Contact me with any inquiries and I will do my best to help

Interview Coaching

  • The coaching is delivered online, as a Skype session. I will call or email you to have an initial consultation and I will ask for any information I may need before the session. This may include: your career situation, CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, a job ad for the role and your Skype ID. Make sure that you have Skype installed before the coaching time & date.


    Alternatively, this session can be delivered on Google Hangouts (if you have a Gmail email address).


    Since I work with international clients in various locations around the globe there is no option of face-to-face coaching.